Xiomara Mayor-Pendola, Astrologer, Acupuncture Physician, Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist 


994641_10151931205427550_1659134157_nSince a very early age she was always interested in searching spiritual and religious matters. Later on in life on 1984 she took that search more seriously when a very beloved friend got diagnosed with terminal cancer. She began to practice Raja Yoga and to investigate more deeply the subject of the reincarnation. Around the year 1987 Xiomara met the very famous and prominent astrologer Walter Mercado who recommended to her that she start to explore into her past lives through Regression therapy because he saw that she had a great destiny ahead of her and that she will need to work servicing the planet and humanity.  At that time he gave her with the sacred name “Ma Prem Shanti” which meant  “The Mother of Love and Infinite Peace” After that day she followed her friend and mentor’s suggestion by investigating more about her past lives and later on she went ahead to train in different modalities that would help her share with others what has benefited her on her journey.

After becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist she went on to study Astrology becoming certified on Sidereal, Tropical Astrology and Cosmobiology. She exposed herself to other holistic techniques based on Transpersonal Psychology, Reiki, Flower essences therapy and around 1989 she discovered the Shamanic World and had teachers like Sun Bear, Alberto Villoldo, Don Jacinto Tzaab, Lynn Andrews and others experts on this field. Avid to find other tools and ways to keep exploring her past lives she encountered the work of the very well-known Czeck psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina, the Holothropic Breath Work, a technique created to induce psycho-tropic trance through breath work and conducive sounds. Later on she was also trained as a teacher and facilitator on “Healing the Emotions” by the very known acupuncturist and para-psychologist Chris Griscom of “The Light Institute” on New Mexico who was also the one who conducted actress Shirley Maclaine on her past lives regression therapies, as described by the actress in her book “Living in the Light” Dr. Mayor has received training with Dutch doctor Roy Martina in his very well recognized system “Neuro Emotional Re-patterning” (N.E.R.) In 1995 she graduated from the Acupuncture Acupressure Institute as an Acupuncture Physician with knowledge that includes Shiatsu, Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies. Later on she obtain her Doctorate degree in Philosophy and Metaphysics in the International Research University and was granted the title of   “Reverend” along with a Church Charter, both from the Temple of Mystic Initiated Yogananda.

Mayor-Pendola is a very known healer and has taught others to heal through  Espira ™ Method of Natural Healing, Traditional Reiki, Golden Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Magnified Healing. Xiomara has been certified by founder of Espira ™ Alianna Dianne Torrey, as an Espira ™ Method of Natural Healing Teacher and also a REBIRTHER in the ESPIRA™ METHOD. She is a Gaiadon (Gaia-dawn) Heart Master (www.gaiadonheart.com) specialized on Sacred Geometry techniques to aid with the Ascension work, facilitating all its Ascension Modules  (IA & IB, II & III) and the many excisting activations that have been downloaded from the Masters to help us synchronize ourselves with the Earth New Paradigms.  Xiomara Mayor-Pendola is the person in charge for the organization of the Gaiadon Teachings by its creator Saranya Zaveri in the U.S.A.

In February 2011 Dr. Mayor-Pendola published an autobiographical self help book titled “La Armonía Interior, Tu camino a las Estrellas” in Spanish and on November 2013 its English version “The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars” was presented by the author on the Miami International Book Fair.

If interested on buying either one of the books do not hesitate to contact the author 786-547-2882) to order your autographed copy. Its cost is $25 (shipping is included)