“The Inner Harmony, Your Pathway to the Stars” by Xiomara Mayor-Pendola

Published on October, 2014

theinnerharmonyXiomaramayor$25  (Shipping included) A 327 pages book.

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It has come to awaken! A book saturated with the wonderful experiences in this esoteric world and narrated in its own fascinating style.

“The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars” is an invitation to know who we are, what our mission in this life is, and what we can do to continue evolving towards the Light and towards the Creator and Cosmic Mother.

Xiomara, a spiritual teacher and healer involving alternative techniques in this New Millennium, will take us by hand to find deeper the truth of our being in a humane and simple way.

She reveals to us how day by day erases and depletes our acquisition and domesticities of which we are all victims and would bring us to liberate our souls and find peace and happiness in our inner existence.

In this moment of chaotic crisis, anxiety and longing, Xiomara will show us the techniques on how to be able to survive and overcome all the negativity that plagues us.

“The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars” is not a book more of autobiographical account but a testament of a life where angels and creatures of light were preparing to be chosen by the Divinity so that we would be able to bring light and show us the pathway towards our self-realization.

Xiomara Mayor-Péndola, the author, shares with us in spontaneous, natural and wholehearted form that signifies the spiritual desire.

To those who would like to know about Chakras, its significance and application in our daily life, about Reincarnation and past lives, karma, Akashic Archives, the works of Ascension with systems like Melchizedek or Heart of Gaidon, The Secrets of the Universe, The Bible’s Interpretation to the light of the present century, the communion and contact with Angels, the Awakening of our Divinity, the Shamanism and the essence of all religions recommending this Sacred Book that has been written with blood from the heart of one who has traveled all roads and pathways and has reached to the Supreme Secret has wished to share to all of us.

Xiomara envelopes us in a delightful reading. Instructive, fascinating but above all, of profound wisdom.

I assure you, that after you have read “The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars”, your lives will never be the same again.

Walter Mercado




Note to the Readers:

Taking advantage of the Great Cosmic Cross which was shaped in the sky jointly with the renowned total solar eclipse which occurred on August 11, 1991, I felt the inspirational impulse to begin this endeavor destined on me. The title of this work was revealed to me in dreams. It was through this Great Cross that have endowed me the instruments needed to effect the evolutionary leap in writing this effort, the contents, yet to unfold the wonders; why, how and when.

There was that streak of light like a thief that suddenly pierced my soul and stirred my awareness that we really cannot continue living with hatred, resentments, envy, criticism and all sentimental emotions that impoverish and put us permanently in the shadow of uncertainties. We are all weary, pitiable and have the deep longings for deliverance; the desire to be free. It is this freedom that could give us inner peace. The disposition to open our conscience and recognize our glorious heritage as perfect children of God, created in His image and likeness. We shall now rekindle our relationship with the marvelous essence that we find in our souls, submit the expansion of our feelings energetically as we could perceive and thus liberate our hearts from disgust, weariness, sorrow, remorse and above all that reality of being terribly alone and very much distant from God.

Upon reaching this new knowledge, there’s no reason to be afraid, to be judged, to be castigated or be condemned but except to be aware of ourselves, our behavior; which since from the beginning of the creation have endowed us an inner measurement that enables us to see until we reflect our transgressions and mistakes until such time we are capable to accept responsibilities of our acts.

Our hearts hold much love and compassion that permits guilt, absurdities, faults, and atrocities that imprisoned our souls in the vicious circle, to conversion of karma. Nobody is to be blamed but those were in the past evolutionary time frame. The moment has now come to end this entanglement and give this great leap, to be the life in the new millennium, announced as the Age of Aquarius.

This new era is represented by the zodiac sign of the Water Bearer as how it is known in the Spanish as the signo de Acuario to remount, mend and go back in time of precision and necessity of the equinox. Like the herald that brings news, tidings and innovative structures where before the only existing sacrifice was gloom, sadness, pain, grief, and repentance, the particular characteristic of Pisces that ushered the Era of Pisces, initiated with the birth of Jesus, two thousand years ago.

The Age of Aquarius opened a new door to global knowledge giving pace to Information Technology and the worldwide conscientiousness of social expansion of considering equality of everybody. And to awaken the conscience to all ancient information brought about from other existence. Uranus that controls this zodiac sign, works as a catalyst, to unblock negativities exposing and explaining the truth that until now is mysteriously hidden behind the veil. Incidentally, Uranus is enclosed in the inconsistent sector of my birth chart, and in the zodiac sign of Gemini by which in some mode, this book burns ardently in my mind the desires and wishes of rebirth to explore more and tread on that path towards discovering how the travellers had sang the favorite song of my husband, also, I “make pathways to walk”.

It made me think that there are no much hills as you approach the road, but if you want to travel across this book, I’ll show to you my future readers; the purpose with regard to travel along this awareness, will reveal how beloved we are by our Celestial Father, especially if we recognize with Him across the road in the small pedals in us; connected to its origin, –our soul –at the same time. I would like to teach you how to eradicate and erase the fear of sorrow, sadness, anxieties in life, if you learn to listen to the voice of the heart.


I have so much to tell you about the happenings that have occurred, so great as much to me as to the others who will seek my help with the purpose to overcome the ways of life, as effects to our experiences. This will serve as an inspiration and hope to you especially to those who are now prepared to wake up.

Thus it has been since the beginnings of our civilization, when the first troubadour emerged to the world to tell his stories and even there were those before him, the “Story Tellers” and narrators of primitive stories handed down their knowledge across tales and fables carriers of great morals that have inspired people to direct their lives towards a status of honor and respect.

Thus it was with the help of legends and much from the nature people, the Sufis, the oriental culture and almost all of our religions preached their teachings without giving importance what were myths and real ways of life that would have inspired for the betterment or acceptance of the specific truth.

In groups like Anonymous Alcoholics (AA) where group therapy is used, you must confirm that interaction among members in sharing your difficulties and achievements could help therapeutically to others who must understand that they are not the only ones in agony but others were also in difficult moments but were able to rise up and move on.

Across this book I have impressed something of my life, my spiritual growth and part of my heart, without intention to show off neither to flatter my ego but presume that you will understand your own experiences across my experiences, you will succeed to understand yours benefiting from the same manner as I deal with mine.

theinnerharmonyXiomaramayorIt is a blunder to think that spiritual life is conceived only in doing sacrifices, meditations, or repeating sacred prayers. Although in reality these practices are very effective in connecting us to our inner reality, certainly I discovered that they are not necessary when we assume that we are spiritual beings, we find existing in a physical experience. Consequently, we must insist in the way of life of this reality with opened eyes but not forgetting our paranormal senses but also to maintain being active, these brings clarity in this reality and thus we don’t have to live blindly.

From now, I only remain thankful for your interest by raid across my first book, my existence yet my desire to share with you much of my main writings, my ability as a writer, “something that I acknowledge with great humility of which I also beg your patience”.

It is important to emphasize that many of the facts included in this book has been written in a spell of trance sometimes interrupted in a sequence of orthodox way, a mixed theme of stories to illustrate parallelism among situations I came across in this wonderful spiritual adventure.

In spite of, I invite you that you may read this book with an open heart then we know it as reality, is something flexible that adapts to the color of the crystal, observing this as a linear time existing only in the present moment, that makes no much existing congruence with the things we live when we do it multi-dimensionally.

These are the dimensions, that I’ll also tell you, that are manifested at the same time, that we allow our imagination to fly and thus to have access to these state of conscience that are neither controlled by time and space and that enable us to communicate with the special to be, that is our soul in all its manifestations.