ESPIRA™ Workshop in Aventura, FL

ESPIRA™ Workshop in Aventura, FL




Classes are taught in an atmosphere of inspiration, safety and clarity about service. No prior training is required. Xiomara Mayor-Pendola has been practicing Espira™ since 1992. This course will be offered on the Weekends starting onEspira_Hand

  • January 21 & 22
  • February 25 & 26
  • March 25 & 26
  • April 22 & 23

Classes will be located in Aventura, Florida

Those interested please call me at (786)-547-2882.

She is available for private sessions as well as for teaching others and certifying them as practitioners of this beautiful method.


The ESPIRA™ Method of Natural healing is a unique method of hands on healing which has gained acknowledgement as one of the most gentle, complete and comprehensive alternative healing techniques to emerge in the mid 1980s.
The ESPIRA™ Method of Natural healing techniques were developed by Diane Alianna Torrey in 1984 after receiving them from angelic beings and the White Brotherhood Masters when she was experiencing a very advanced type of cancer and wanted to cure herself by natural means. After achieving her goal, she began using the same techniques to aid others in improving their health.
About The ESPIRA™ Method
The ESPIRA™ Method of Natural healing works on a unique system we call “the wheel” which represents the eight stages of human development from pre-conception through adulthood.
These stages define the wheel of your lifetime. Each stage corresponds to a major body system. Any struggle or trauma experienced within a particular stage can later be the cause of disease within the corresponding body system as well as a dysfunction which affects one’s emotional health and wellness.
Healing the major body system in an “around the wheel” fashion enables one to release dysfunctional patterns on a cellular level as well as healing imbalances and disease within the physical body. This process guides one into a state of wholeness and well-being.
The ESPIRA™ Method of Natural healing is taught in a weekend a month awareness course as an introduction to the professional healing course which is taught in a 4 months practitioners course where you can learn a multitude of techniques designed to prepare the body to accept and integrate and to metaphysical align and balance the major body systems:

  • Cardiovascular/respiratory systemimmune system
  • Muscle/skeletal system
  • Central nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Reproductive system
  • Digestive System, as well as
  • Inner aura (chakra system) balance

This is not a psychic, nor faith healing. One need not to subscribe to any particular scientific or theological belief in order to learn or be aided by The ESPIRA™ Method of Natural healing. Those who experience these healings will find not only their health and well-being enhanced but their quality of life improved in unexpected ways.

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