Order a copy of “The Inner Harmony, Your pathway to the Stars” By calling 786-547-2882. We accept credit cards

Order a copy of “The Inner Harmony, Your pathway to the Stars” By calling 786-547-2882. We accept credit cards

In the book “The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars”, author Xiomara Mayor Pendola, delights us with the spontaneous, suggestive and evocative manner in which she describes how her life has been impacted by her experiences from a very early age, and how everything changed once she decided to inquire about her past lives following a suggestion from the famous and renowned astrologer, Walter Mercado.

Straight-forward, Mayor-Pendola reveals how she has always been connected with nature and the 4 elements that comprise it, thanks to her affinity with dragonflies and butterflies, which since her childhood, had guided her strolls in the garden of her home in her native town of Santa Lucia, in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. In “The Inner Harmony, Your Pathway to the Stars,” the author provides us with a summary filled with real dialogues with goblins, fairies and the assistance she received from them in order to reactivate with Mother Earth, awakening ancestral visions of intimate labor with the planet in past lives and communing with other dimensions that still today accompany her in her spiritual journey. “The Inner Harmony, Your Pathway to the Stars,” is a masterful treatise of love towards humankind, written with the purpose of inspiring everyone who reads it to recognize oneself as a perfect child of God; thus, the holder of all the qualities required to, along with the Almighty, become the co-creator of their own destiny.

Through her extraordinary experiences the author explains how the concept of Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) has already been eliminated in the new order of life that is the New Age, being Dharma, the law of service and cooperation, who promotes unity between men, the solution to all problems. With a simple style filled with teachings, Mayor-Pendola exposes that one arrives to Dharma once we become aware of which is the reason of our existence and of the service we have come to fulfill as a mission.

Xiomara prepares us for the planetary changes we are already facing and explains about new therapeutic solutions; such as the use of crystals, sounds and color to increase our vibrational frequency. Likewise, revealing the importance about astrological aspects she chose to live at the time of incarnation. The therapeutic use of regressions to past lives to assume with responsibility the path set forth by incarnating; as well as Rebirthing Therapy to heal traumas caused at birth, Hypnosis, the readings of the Akashic Records, bio-energetic inquiries through the oils of Aura-Soma, Neuro-emotional programming and many other techniques available and which she mentions as fundamental tolos to get rid of emotional and karmic baggage, due to the victimization that has been undertaken in the world thanks to the silent outbreak of archaic, moral and religious patterns that have no other reason than that of invalidating the true power of being legitimate children of God. The author describes the pursuit of clues insinuated to her in dreams to discover places where she experienced past lives and how that search lead, not only to find her past history, but also to identify that past that returns to her in professional, affective personal relationships and even in the reencounter in present time with those children that in another life she gave birth to. She tells us how significant the trips to India, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt, Hawaii, Bimini, Sedona and Mount Shasta were to reconnect with that ancestral past, which has been her inspiration; thus, being able to resume in the present that forgotten mission for which one day she decided to confront and that now embraces with happiness

Graduated in Oriental Medicine, Teacher and Healer of the ESPIRA method, Rebirther, Certified Hypnotherapist, renown Astrologer, Esoteric Astrologer, Priestess and Teacher in the Ascension Method of the Melchizedek Method and Gaiadon Heart, expert Shaman and lecturer are some of her professional qualifications that comprise the physical and spiritual surroundings of the author, who today shares her experiences in an exceptional book and of a profound approach awakening the interest of not only those who had lost faith that Light exists, but also in those who knowing the path towards the Light wish to move forward through the tunnel that entails life itself, to learn how to see and hear with the heart, which is where this part of Our Creator we are, resides. The book is comprised of 205 pages distributed in 19 chapters filled with information, experiences and achievements that take the reader through an extraordinary real, spiritual and literary experience, which at same time, incites to explore the heritage of light of which we are all heirs. And not to allow doubts that this work will be responsible for a new planetary awakening, a recommendation in the Preface, written to accompany this book by the very beloved and respected Astrologer and Mystic, Teacher among Teachers, Walter Mercado, here is included.

“The awakening has arrived!  A book saturated with wonderful experiences in the esoteric world and narrated in a fascinating style by the same person who experience it.

The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars” is an invitation to know who we are, what our mission in this life is, and what we can do to continue evolving towards the Light and towards the Creator and Cosmic Mother.

Xiomara, a spiritual teacher and healer of alternative  health techniques in this New Millennium, leads us by the hand to dig deeper  into the truth of our self in a simple and approachable manner.

Xiomara reveals how day by day  she would erases the “conditionings” and “domestications”  we are all victims off and takes us to free our souls and find peace and happiness in our inner self.

In this chaotic moment of crisis and anxiety, Xiomara offers us the tools to overcome all the negativity that plagues us

“The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars” is not a another self-help ; it is a testament of a life where angels and creatures of Light preparing a being chosen by  Divinity to provide light and teach us the road to our self-realization.

The author, Xiomara Mayor-Péndola, shares with us in a spontaneous, natural and wholehearted manner what a spiritual odyssey means.

For all those  who would like to learn about Chakras, its meaning and applications in our daily life, about reincarnation and past lives, karma, Akashic records, the works of Ascension with such techniques  as the Melchizedek orGaidon Heart  methods, the secrets of the universe, the interpretation of The Bible under the light of the present century, the contact with Angels, the Awakening of our divinity, shamanism and the essence of all religions, I recommend this sacred book that has been written with blood from the heart by someone who has traveled all roads and has reached  the supreme secret she wishes to share to all of us.

Xiomara envelopes us in a delightful, instructive, fascinating reading but most important of all, of profound wisdom.

I assure you, that after you have read “The Inner Harmony, your Pathway to the Stars”, your lives will never be the same again.

Walter Mercado

For those that want to buy this book in Spanish or English you can do that through the author at xiomara@xiomaramayor.com or calling  786-547-2882 A money order for $25 will include an autographic dedication and the shipping fee       

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